Sunday, 15 February 2009

Pie in the sky

Bankers' bonuses...
There is no end to the frustration you feel when you hear the astonishingly high figures being repeated on the news.
Has there ever been a clearer illustration of the inequalities in life? Pensioners lose their life savings, struggle to keep warm and to pay their council taxes - whilst the creme de la creme-people enjoy the good life. And - the best bit is they are the ones who have messed the whole system up in the first place! Bonuses used to be for doing something remarkable, something extra-ordinary. I guess one can argue what they have achieved is rather remarkable, but - still.

As many bloggers and columnists point out, however - there might just not be the incentive for politicians and decision-makers to stop this from happening in the future. I think many politicians also want a chunk of the good life and - well, with a bit of luck, they might end up there - safeguarding a pension worth dying for, so to speak. Or a peerage.

What we need is an independent body forcing investment bankers et al, to declare all the bad depts and clear the deck from this nasty financial virus once and for all. Only then can we build from scratch and create a better future - provided the government gets a grip on the economy!

Some time ago, I went in to my own bank in the village - a very small branch of one of the national banks. It was just before closing time and I was the last customer. The security-man comes in to collect today's earnings, helmit in hand. But - he brings something else, as well. A home-made rhubarb cake with custard, which he hands over to the bank manager, with the words: "I made this yesterday for you." How nice...

Now, that's the type of bonus I could accept - even for top bankers. Provided they had earnt it, that is.

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