Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cab Poetry

I have been collecting @tweetalondoncab tweets for some time.
Call me weird, but to me, this sounds like poetry... in motion. Here it goes:

I'm 5th at zuma.
Still pob St Pauls.
Shoreditch hse. Anyone know where?
Can't rank Nobu - too many minicabs.
Sjob T5 off McLiver.
Pob Kings x.
Padders is very busy.
Euro it's moving ok.
Jeeeeesus the ramp at Padders stinks of piss tonight. Delightful.
No cabs Padders.
Euro calling for cabs - if near.
Moving at the Loo.
Vic banged out let's have a butchers at the raft.
On point at Padders and it dries up.
Is jabbas a goer?
No mate and I ain't bagged one all night! Now pob nw11.
Surely someone's got aline by now?
On bridge at Padders!!
Fjob McLiver to the Loo.
I'm point.
Fjob acc back Church lane to Oxo.
Lots at the Loo.
Chels to the Loo, game on.
On point at Zuma.
What a mess Piccadilly.

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