Monday, 5 April 2010

Arrods is moving nicely.

On my way. Looking for fjotd.
Abacus FULL of scabs.
Hardly any cabs at the liver.
Lol zuma. V&A has just burst big time.
Zuma banged out.
Off Q - to padders then maida vale.
Is pic circus still bad?
Nobu running well.
Dropped one sitting at the X.
Fjotd tott ct rd to portman sq.
Euston to Blackheath. Blimey.
Boo is nobu.
Nobu moving well.
Strand popped.
Dilly V slow circus.
Point loo. Fuckin starving.
Etap estimated time of arrival on point.
Zuma to beauchamp pl grrr but gave a tenner keep change.
Padders to drayton park it'll do.
On the loo and nothing is moving!!
Loads at dome about 100 waiting.
KX1 way mashup.
Arrods is moving nicely.

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