Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lost in Translation

This comparison will only make sense if you know English and Swedish. My (Swedish) daughter told me about a text having been translated into various languages, on a falafel mix package she had bought. One of the translations was Swedish. Well, sort of.
Here you go:


Ingredients: chick pea, beans, salt, special Meshwar spices
-Mix each 1 sacks with 125 ml (half glass) of warm water
And stir well to be tenacious mixture
-Use the mold to shaping the Falafel pieces
-Fry Falafel pieces in hot vegetable oil
-Introduce with vetegables, tahina and salads


Ingredients: kyckling/ärt, bönor, salt, särskilda Meshwar kryddor
-Blanda varje 1 säckar med 125 ml (halvt glas) i varmt vatten och rör väl vara ihärdiga blandning
-Använda mögel till att forma den falafel bitar
-Jugoslavien flafel bitar i varma grönsaker olja
-Införa med grönsaker, tahina och sallader

I was especially puzzled about the word 'fry' becoming 'Yugoslavia'. Soon realised...
F.R.Y. = 'Former Republic of Yugoslavia'. Sigh.

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  1. I was also puzzled by Yugoslavia!! Good thing you figured it out... Have to say, though, the English wasn't that great either!