Saturday, 28 March 2009

Maybe it's because I'm (not) a Londoner?

Just got back from another short visit to London. Another conference and exhibition. I had a moment or two, to stroll around in Westminster - camera in hand.

I also took some pics from the Chelsea embankment, whilst waiting at red lights...

I could walk around London all day and take photos. My motives are whatever I see, which tickles my fancy. It usually ends up being buildings and details thereof. Doors, windows and balconies. Sometimes trees and animals. Graffiti, lamp-posts, and litter bins. And the last few years, I have taken a special interest in cranes, buildings under construction, scaffolding and men in full PPE!

If you feel like browsing my London photos - and others, please feel free to follow the Flickr link to the right.

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  1. Since Iám a bit oldfashioned I still call that telecomtower for the "Postoffice tower". I rememeber buying an Afganic fur coat in a store nearby that tower in 1973 and I smelled old goat awfully on the train all the way back to Sweden.
    At least we didn´t have to share our traincoupé with anyone else