Sunday, 10 May 2009

You claim if you want to

I started writing this blog post with the aim to show my anger and disappointment over MPs outrageous claims. But I am struggling to find words strong enough. 
Every single one of the MPs - the ones who have been brave enough to face political reporters and news presenters - have defended themselves with the same mantra: "I did what was within the rules." Followed by: "We really need to change these rules."

I mean - what ever happened to personal decisions, a strong will and the famous "moral compass"? If the rules, made up by politicians themselves, are so wrong... why weren't they changed? 
I'll tell you why: Because they suited MPs and ministers alike. In fact, they suited them so much they took maximum advantage of them - especially at the end of the financial year. Get as much as you can, while you can. Sod the moral compass.

And here we are, us normal tax payers, struggling with our tax returns and VAT. Making sure we don't claim for that magazine or that impulse bought bar of chocolate on the fuel bill. Crossing off personal telephone calls in order to not regard them as being business related.
You'd be forgiven for thinking: "Why do I bother?" Add deep sigh.

This laxed, laissez-faire culture within the very heart of the UK's political body is a real threat to the future. It will make honest politicians to be, with a true cause to fight for, become reluctant to enter the political stage. Good people out there, who could make a real difference, will hesitate. I can well understand them. Who would want a bad reputation? You only have to mention the word "MP" nowadays and people will sneer at you.

Another fear is the more general spread of egoism - the "me first" way of life. People will argue: "If they can - why shouldn't I do it too"? It's the 90s all over again. Maybe we should all become investment bankers?


  1. Thanks for mentioning this post on Twitter earlier (via ePolitix)... I try to believe that policy is more important that process and systems, but sometimes it gets really hard to defend that position!

  2. Good Lord you realy are angry this time even if it says "friendly Swede" up to the right on your blog. I´m glad that Iám not a british politician at the moment. With your engagement you should have been a political journalist...