Saturday, 25 April 2009

Shop locally!

During my local walk today, there was a local shower in amongst the sunshine. On my way back, I stopped off at my local fishmonger to buy local fish. Continued to my local Village Hall, to buy local veg and probably not quite so local olives. Well, they have been locally marinated anyway.

I like shopping locally. You know what you're getting and less travelled food makes a lot of sense to me. It makes you feel good. Plus, quite often you know the seller and he or she knows what you want. My local fishmonger is fantastic. He starts skinning the fish and cutting it even before I get a chance to say what I want! After which follows a cheerful discussion on the best way to cook it. All good fun. By the time you are back home in the kitchen (5 minutes later - it's local, remember?) you have it all sussed out. 

Admittedly, I do not always live as I pray! Yesterday, I was at a big Tesco shop, to stock up. They always have lovely, suckulent sugar snaps and green beans - great in all sorts of dishes. But everytime I pick up a pack, I end up putting it back. It's a case of "Should I? - shouldn't I?"I mean, why on earth do we have to import them from across the Atlantic? "Land of origin: Argentina". Or "Peru", "Kenya" and "Zambia".
So unnecessary, so many air miles...


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  1. I totally agree whith you. Not only the climate will benefit from your local shoping so will also local farmers,fishermen and shopkeepers aswell. It´s a pity that I´m allergic to fish since I live on walkingdistance to Swedens largest fishingharbour. I saw your new Devon pictures on Flickr, so very much summer and blue skys. I really must revisit Devon again soon It´s been 38 years ago now since the last time, much to long... (My English spelling is not so good but I hope it´s fairly understandable)