Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cab Poetry 3

To any newcomers to my blog:
What you are about to read is another post in my series "Cab Poetry". As an honorary London black cabbie (true!) and first ever punter of the excellent @tweetalondoncab I collect random, authentical cabbie tweets and arrange them artistically in... well, poems. Enjoy.

"I'm at Padders. I don't know why.

At oxo on me own

Playing EC5 lottery

That was quick hot a hail

Grv hse buzzin

Did 2 min at grov & got a city

Need a wee in ec3

On me lonesome at smiths

Work mcliver

Havin a go at the grosvenor

Off zuma to The liver

padds moving ok

Sloane Square fully cabbed out.

Bollocks. Hilton metropole to boscobel road. I surrender

Oook me! 15 mins in pk n off to a qqqqq peeps on the 3

Kettle's on at the feeder park

I am at abacus in front of the touts

Bollox tooting bec didn't wanna finish yet

There may be a pot of gold at the end of even the shortest shit coloured rainbow"

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