Saturday, 18 April 2009

Twitter is good for you

I find new technology rather fascinating. 

Twitter has definitely added another, previously unexperienced quality to my life - actually without interfering with any of the 'old' qualities. I must admit I was somewhat reluctant initially, but now I am totally sold.

The scary aspect of social networks will forever be there, but - as with most things, it all depends on what you make of things. See it a a tool, a way of communicating. Or sometimes - just a bit of banter when you're bored. Make of it what you want. And avoid getting totally addicted...

So, what has Twitter done for me? 

Ok, I know what Stephen Fry and Barack Obama are up to - most of the time. That's one thing, but by far NOT the most interesting. I am not that bothered to know what celebs had for breakfast and if their dogs have been for walkies yet.

Instead I feel very much involved in news-making and sharing, because of the contacts I have made within - mainly - UK media. Not least Channel 4 News have made the most of Twitter and their interactive communication with viewers is commendable, I think. I constantly leave comments on what I consider important to cover in their news shows. The fun thing is that they also reply and comment back - sometimes even during the live broadcast, whilst presenting! Slightly crazy, but fun.

Journalism Live got me involved in a live 'Twinterview' - that's an interview carried out live on Twitter to you and me.

Plus, I have learnt a lot about London cabs and all that goes with it, from my very own London cabbie. When I need a taxi, I even book him in advance via Twitter! He knows so much about the hidden and unknown - but very interesting - London. Check for yourselves on

I have also learnt about a great old, 'forgotten' music-hall called Winstons. A hidden London gem, in great need of refurbishment and restoration - and money. It's like stepping back in time...

An Essex man who does caricature drawings for a living needed to know about a good, but a bit different place to go for holiday. I sent him loads of links to my home town Arvika in Sweden, for which he was grateful.

If you're stuck with a computer problem, you can shout for help and your fellow Twitterers will come to the rescue with lots of helpful tips.

I could go on...but I won't. I guess the message I want to get through is the following: Don't rubbish Twitter. It can really be good for you and enrich your life. Honestly.


  1. Nice concept on twitter, and some good replies I can give people as to why we use twitter, I've had people turn round and say twitter is uncool, whilst it may be shown as being nerdy, it's still very informative, creative, and of course helpful to everyone!

  2. Kul att läsa ditt inlägg om Twitter.
    För egen del har jag haft ett kompakt motstånd till företeelsen, men allteftersom den fått större uppmärksamhet här i Serige så blev jag nyfiken.Måste testa....
    Det tror jag enbart är vitaliserande; våga prova och sedan utvärdera.
    Efter en veckas ihärdigt provande så kan jag urskilja många fördelar.
    Nu är det ett måste i jobbet att "hänga med" och utveckla sitt IT kunnande, men Twitter kan vara både socialt och i viss mån informativt. Vad man gör det till.
    Bara det att jag har fått kontakt med dig visar väl att det är ett socialt forum också !!
    Ha det så bra och jag är nyfiken på din härliga blogg. Kommer att kika in och se vad som händer.

  3. Great to read your impression of Twitter Britt. Twitter will be a unique experience for each of us I think.

    For me... I get to read different perspectives on events as they are happening; my outlook is broadened by 'seeing' how the world looks through other eyes, in other places, with other influences. I find Twitter truly fascinating because I find people truly fascinating... and Twitter IS people.

    The lack of decoration, the lack of information about the individual and the lack of much by way of profile, means that all I can see of each on Twitter - is a more naked, scaled down version that is views and thoughts, without the window dressing ordinarily provided by social networking sites.

    I also love that I cannot foresee what Twitter will grow-up to be. It is evolving and morphing into a something of itself and is fascinating to watch. It may all fizzle to nothing, but then again, maybe it won't and along the way, I have already learnt more than I knew before, so for me... Twitter has been a good experience thus far.